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Moutasem Qawassmeh

MOUTASEM ACADEMY , is established by the famous entrepreneur ( MOUTASEM QWASSMEH ) who has been in this industry for more than 10  years,(International Trainer / Lahaye University / Dubai Knowledge Authority)  he is the main focal point of this ACADEMY due to the extensive experience he has gained whether in PHOTOGRAPHY , VIDEOGRAPHY, ADOBE, CREATING CONTENT, creating APPLICATIONS, VLOGGING techniques, MODELING techniques, MARKETING, SOCIAL MEDIA ADVERTISING and much more.

The MOUTASEM ACADEMY will provide you with different packages depending on your needs as there will be a small test to discover in-which stage you are in the learning curve to decide which techniques you need to go for.

MOUTASEM ACADEMY promotes one to one lessons which enables us to focus on each student and give you the time you deserve!


In this academy you will get creative and innovative techniques & ideas of PHOTOGRAPHY that unfortunately neither books nor online tutorials will offer. You will gain it all with us: live experience with Mr. Moutasem Qwassmeh, fully equipped studio,  Outdoor Sessions with thrilling locations, work place play ground. We will make sure that you will come out of our academy enthusiastic and energetic and ready for your own journey with PHOTOGRAPHY.

MOUTASEM ACADEMY is the new pioneer ACADEMY for the new stars, in this academy we believe that CREATIVETY IS POSSIBLE 


Our aim is to show you how much we really care to make each person stepping out of the academy as a professional expert and create a long lasting relationship with unlimited visits for continuous advices even after finishing the course ! if you’re looking for new techniques and ways to be famous you are in the right place! we strive to be industrious and innovative, offering you something you want, putting your desires at the top of our list


In today’s world we aim to pass on the knowledge we have to the people who are looking to create something beneficial out of PHOTOGRAPHY and improve their skills or/and start their own business and take MOUTASEM QWASSMEH as their idol of how to be an entrepreneur.

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