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Photoshop CC: Color, Lights and Contrast


AED 2,700


12 Hr

About the Course

1-1 Private Course - دورة خاصة فردية

Learn Imagery Post Production. Professional color grading techniques and contrast mastery..

What am I going to learn?

You will learn RAW conversion in Adobe Camera Raw

You will learn RAW conversion in Lightroom Classic CC

You will learn how to adjust lights and shadows on RAW files

You will learn how to export RAW files to work further in Photoshop

You will learn how to retouch skin

You will learn adjustment Layers in Photoshop

You will learn how to use adjustment layers in practice

You will learn how to color grade your images

you will learn how to work with luminosity masks

You will learn how to adjust contracts

You will learn how to create your own filters

You will learn how to get magazine look

You will learn how to export your images

Is this course right for me?

This course is best for:

Portrait Photographers

Fashion Photographers

Lifestyle Photographers



Wedding Photographers

Course Duration:

3 Days - 4 hours per day

مدة الدورة: 3 ايام - 4 ساعات في اليوم الواحد

Course Availability Timings:10am-10pm 7 days a week

الأوقات المتوفرة: 10صباحاً حتى 10 مساءً 7 أيام في الأسبوع

All equipments and materials needed for this course will be provided by the academy for FREE until the end of the course.

جميع الأدوات والأجهزة المطلوبة لإتمام هذه الدورة سوف يتم توفيرها بالكامل من الأكاديمية بالمجان وحتى نهاية الدورة.

Additional Info:

You will receive an official certificate from the academy

معلومات إضافية:

سوف تتلقى شهادة رسمية من الأكاديمية بعد إتمام الدورة التدريبية

You can check our students previous work on our instagram page @moutasem_academy يمكنكم الإطلاع على أعمال طلابنا القدامى عبر صفحتنا على الانستغرام @moutasem_academy

Your Instructor

Mr.Moutasem Qwassmeh

MOUTASEM ACADEMY , is established by the famous entrepreneur ( MOUTASEM QWASSMEH ) who has been in this industry for more than 10 years,(International Trainer / UWL & Lahaye University / Dubai Knowledge Authority KHDA) Holding UAE Golden Visa As a Director Cinema & TV he is the main focal point of this ACADEMY due to the extensive experience he has gained whether in PHOTOGRAPHY , VIDEOGRAPHY, ADOBE, CREATING CONTENT, creating APPLICATIONS, VLOGGING techniques, MODELING techniques, MARKETING, SOCIAL MEDIA ADVERTISING and much more.

The MOUTASEM ACADEMY will provide you with different packages depending on your needs as there will be a small test to discover in-which stage you are in the learning curve to decide which techniques you need to go for.

Mr.Moutasem Qwassmeh
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