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Beauty Dish full set

Beauty Dish full set

- Beauty Dish with White Diffuser And Black Grid 


- Condition : New Arrival Without Original box 


  •  UNIQUE LIGHTING: - The beauty dish with silver reflective surface creates a directional high contrast light that is a favorite of portrait, fashion and sports photographers. The reflector will bring out high detail in your photography.


  • BOWENS MOUNT: - The beauty dish is fitted with the standard Bowens mount and is compatable with any flash, adapter or light source with Bowens fitting.


  • VERSATILE: - This reflector comes with a detachable honeycomb grid for more directional control of light spill; it also has a diffuser sock that softens the light output and acts as a circular softbox. This is particularly effective for capturing a pleasing round catchlight in the eye of a model.


  • BUILD: - The durable aluminium build will ensure your beauty dish lasts a long time, as well as keeping it light-weight enough to be carried to new locations easily.


  • SEMI HARD LIGHT: - The light produced through using the beauty dish can give you some interesting results and really help bring out the detail in your subject.
  • Dubai - bayswater Tower Office 2101



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